Palm Oil – 10% is Produced in Sustainable Way

The environmental protection organization WWF has just announced that the successful certification of the Brazilian company Agropalma marks the millionth hectare (the size of Jamaica) of sustainable palm oil plantations. This corresponds to roughly 10% of all plantations and is considered a major step in the fight against deforestation of untouched rainforest in order to satisfy the ever-growing palm oil demand. Unfortunately only about half of that sustainably produced oil can be sold as such because awareness of costumers and industry does not keep up with increasing supply.

Brightnews! Palm oil can be found in a huge and ever expanding variety of products, from chocolate bars to shampoo and its plantations destroy an ever increasing amount of rainforest. A shift to sustainable plantations is therefore excellent news and it is remarkable that this change is not demand driven but actually happens faster on the supply side.

Source: WWF

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