Lesotho – The Big Green Push

Lesotho has huge wind and the hydro energy potential and needs the money. Neighbouring South Africa is unable to realise it’s own renewable energy potential, has increasing energy demand and the buying power. Chinese have the loans. Logical consequence: the biggest African renewable energy project financed with Chinese money in one of the poorest countries in the world. Some 15 billion US$ will be invested in order to harvest Lesotho’s energy, employ some of its workforce, provide a steady source of income and provide South Africa with much needed electricity.

Brightnews! Sure, the Chinese will certainly also have their fair share but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since Chinese workers just as well need employment. For Lesotho this could be a game changer and really bring the country a step ahead. For South Africa this means more reliable electricity supply. For the environment this means a couple of dirty South African coal power plants less to handle. It is also good news for the green industry and investors as prices for renewable energy equipment will come down. Probably the most important, if such big scale project can be realised at a benefit (and Chinese are usually quiet good at making sure not to lose out) this could well mean another step into developing an increasing dynamic, a positive self reinforcing spiral in green energy production and we can all hope to see the day when nobody even considers nuclear power plants anymore. All good? Of course not but I’m not going to list the inconveniences here. All you need to know is that the “good” clearly wins the day.

Source: The Guardian

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