Part-Time-Work – From Being a Career-Brake to a Competitive Advantage

Part-time workers suffered (and still suffer) from serious career and salary disadvantages. According to a report from the New York Times this could be about to change. Confronted with a clearly foreseeable and in some economic sectors already perceptible lack of well qualified personnel, firms in the Netherlands are aggressively introducing very attractive part-time jobs competing for qualified staff, which wishes to work part-time. Nowadays one third of Dutch men work four days a week. Rigid working and career models are giving way to more flexible plans and in only some years Dutch got used to part-time yet ambitious and career-oriented surgeons, lawyers and engineers – and its female counterparts.

Brightnews! Everyone is better off: Obviously the concerned employees but also their partners with more time for their own career, children growing up with both parents, firms with a greater applicant pool of more motivated, more balanced and in the end more efficient workers and society as a whole enabling more of its members to realize their potentials and achieving their goals and still have a family. Time to introduce such progressive models in other countries too.

Source: New York Times

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