Muslims – Not to Worry About

There’s fear in the air. Fear of unemployment, environmental risks, economic crisis and above all, fear of foreigners and most notably fear of Muslims. In Germany Mr. Sarrazin walks a fine line to open racism, France declares war on Roma and the (mostly Muslim) banlieu-youngsters and the Swiss apparently frightened to the bone by rightist campaign of fear are so intimidated that they interpret a minaret of a mosque as frontal attack on their very identity.

Now, instead of conservative hate-speech and leftist denial of any problems, a new study delivers figures on future development of Muslim population in Europe, the US and the world. Its results are eye-opening. The share of Muslim in Europe is bound to climb from todays 6% to 8% in 2030, on a worldwide scale it is going to rise from 23.3% to 26.4% – both figures are hardly the existential threat to western identity as is constantly portrayed by populist hot-heads. Also, population growth in Muslim countries – though later than elsewhere – is decreasing. This is Brightnews! Not only the much cited war of cultures and civilization is not going to happen but – in absence of an ever growing Muslim community – it could also become much harder for populists to invoke the thread of Muslims to western society, values and identities.

Source: New York Times

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