Fastfood – Los Angeles Protects its Citizens

The inhabitants of South Los Angeles are even for US proportions too heavy. A third is not even considered overweight anymore but obese. The problem is so obvious that the city, in an effort to protect its citizens from excessively unhealthy meals, has now started to prohibit the opening of new fastfood restaurants. Children are particularly in focus as a new study has shown that fast-food eateries close to schools significantly increase overweight of kids.

Brightnews! Humans are not always rational beings and when it comes to health they almost certainly act in a self-destructive way. Now, there are valid arguments for the freedom of letting people ruin their health if they feel like doing so. However, these points of view don’t consider that the invoked self-responsibility stops short of paying the burgeoning costs of obesity, which is ultimately burdened by the state and thus by the tax payers. Therefore, the news that the administration stops the most harmful practices like the targeted fattening of youths is a positive, a bright news.

Source: Die Zeit

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