Brazil – Domestic Workers on the Way out

They are the symbol for the huge inequalities in most Latin American countries. Millions of young women, members of poor, rural social classes work in rich households. Always for very little money, many times in miserable conditions, and too often subject to emotional neglect and sexual harassment. Therefore, it is positive that this pattern seems to be changing in Brazil. Millions of previously poor people have recently become members of the booming middle class and are now working in better paid and more socially recognised jobs. On the other hand, many of the old Middle class now find themselves without domestic workers and struggle to find suitable (meaning low paid and referent) replacements.

Brighnews! It’s a small but significant sign for the fundamental and in many aspects positive change in Brazil and not only for the concerned domestic workers. I personally believe that this change is for the best of previous masters as well. Taking over some domestic work or at least being forced to properly pay and value it, certainly does not hurt the sometimes arrogant and complacent elites.

Source: Courrier International


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