Washing-up – Dishwashers wash just greener

The debate is officially closed: Dishwashers are more efficient, faster, cause less CO2 pollution and wash 400 times cleaner than human hands. A British study delivers very clear results and this despite the significant disadvantage of dishwashers heating water with electricity produced in CO2-intensive power plants. Notwithstanding their advantage of mainly using hot water produced by CO2-efficient gas boiler, only the very best hand-washers – sparingly using lukewarm water – can keep up with machines. The average hand workers however, using generously with hot water in order to have their dishes easily dried, uses much more energy and cause significantly more CO2-emissions. Saving significant amounts of energy on a daily basis compensates easily for the energy used to produce a dishwasher – it pays off rather quickly.

Brightnews! Don’t hesitate! No bad conscience, go and get dishwashers, it’s worth it, for the environment too! While this outcome has its obvious allure and should be easily – enough money provided – adopted, other conclusions may be harder to implement. Don’t use hot water and don’t let the tap run, it’s hard to change the minds of the people. However, considering that hand washed dishes are not really clean anyway – at least not after having them “rebacterialized” by drying them with a towel – you might just as well wash them with less and cooler water.

Source: Guardian

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