Flu – One Step Ahead of the Virus

The current flew vaccination is unsatisfactory. The vaccine has to be redeveloped and patients to be re-immunized on an annual basis. A costly measure particularly as the effect cannot be guaranteed – especially not for older people. Now, a British research lab aims at improving this situation by introducing a new approach. Instead of adapting to highly flexible surface molecules of the virus, the new serum attacks much more stable proteins inside the virus. With this method, one vaccination would be effective against all influenza viruses, would be reliable for a longer period of time and people could get their vaccination at any time of the year.

Brightnews! Flew is a mere nuisance to some but seriously threatening to others. A new vaccine, if it lives up to the promises, is a very big step forward against one of the most damaging and expensive illness. Only the future will tell, whether the scientists really outwitted the virus in the longterm. Until now, there is no hint of the contrary and therefore – faithful to the positive philosophy of this page – let’s just assume that it works out.

Source: Die Zeit

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