War on Drugs – The Beginning of the End

100 years of prohibition and 40 years of war on drugs have proved unsuccessful. An unofficially acknowledged but officially still vehemently disputed fact has now been determined in a report elaborated by a high ranking commission of multiple former presidents, Kofi Annan and various influential cultural and economic figures. The repression strategy has simply failed, drug consumption is still rising and the illegal drug market is the biggest and most prosperous illicit market in the history of mankind. There is obviously nothing positive about that. However, the publication of the aforementioned report has the potential to get the fact of desperately needing alternative strategies, including a partial legalization of drugs into the heads of responsible politicians and constituencies. And that is excellent news.

Brightnews! As already mentioned before the war on drugs – particularly if you take into account the huge security issues and destabilizing effects in multiple Latin American countries – is actually more devastating than the drugs themselves. An adoption of different strategies as tested successfully in multiple European countries is therefore urgent. Considering the predominant conservative trend in many states, the needed paradigm change will not be easy but the report will give some (also financial) thrust to the discussion.

Source: Courrier International

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