Ivory Coast – African Leaders for Democracy!

An African presidential election: the challenger wins but the outgoing president declares the independent election committee as not responsible for determining the outcome and is reinstated by a loyal court. At the mean time his military forces repress brutally any opposition supporters. Now, some critics may say: “that’s typical for Africa, they are not ready for democracy”. Others – almost sympathetically explain the events by the tremendous economic significance for clans, ethnic groups and regions loyal to the president and in need of financial “support”. Until here, the story could have taken place in many countries (African and others). Noteworthily, this (Ivory Coast) version has now taken a definitely more democratic, maybe better but not necessarily more peaceful turn. For once the African and Western states have reacted and supports the winner: Alassane Outtara. Also, they block assets and any travel plans of the president Laurent Gbagbo and his entourage, sends more UN-troops and protects the right one. Also worth a positive side-note: no historical or would-be colonial power intervenes to the behalf of the president in order to protect its economic interests and political influence.

Brightnews! Africans must be starring at their leaders in disbelief. Their (most of them) semi-democratic (at best) leaders and the West (for once without flagrant double-standards) unite and make a stand for fair elections and democracy. Without knowing the final outcome, this development is just too bright to not to be mentioned on this page. Of course, I could now add innumerable doubts, relativizing the effect and motivation, speak of former failures. However, I just let this hopeful news alone for the reader to enjoy it.

Source: Die Zeit

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