Israel – And yet it Moves

The Israel political landscape is changing. After years of political stability or in other words of dominance of right wing politics, unwilling or – worse – actively undermining compromise and thus hope for peace, a new social movement has formed. Recently, in the biggest demonstrations in decades 400’000 people have taken to the streets in order to protest against social inequality and dire economic perspectives for a growing number of Israelis. At the same time the Labour party, traditionally the big political check to right-wing Likud but almost disappeared is reemerging as the second party.

Brightnews! The centre left political and societal spectrum seems to be getting back into politics. This is really bright news, especially considering the extremely poor strategic, political and economic record of the current government, which is leading Israel in total isolation. Although peace with the Palestinians does not seem to be a central aspect of the movement it is obvious that the ongoing mental and actual state of war is one very important reason for delaying social reforms and ongoing militarisation of society at hilarious costs. The mobilisation of progressive political forces gives hope that Israel will be able to successfully tackle its internal problems as well as to play a more constructive role in dealing with the pivotal Palestinian conflict.

Source. New York Times


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