Brazil – Women Take Over

After having elected Dilma Roussef to be its first female president, Brazil is now almost completely led by women. Consequently appointing and/or replacing male with female ministers, Ms Roussef’s government now consists of 10 women and there is only one man left. Even it is of course not the first time in Latin America, it is certainly a new dimension and certainly quiet revolutionary for Brazil, a country until now, not exactly known to be particularly progressive in gender equality.

Brightnews! Some argue that women are better politicians because they are less power-hungry, no warmongers, more sociable, better communicators and more compromising than men. Hoping to be proven wrong, I think that is a bit overly optimistic and confronted with the same choices, temptations and power opportunities, women will most probably fare more or less as men. But clearly, even without hoping for a new radical new way of doing politics, it is truly brightnews that Brazil is ready to give women the command because it shows how much a rather traditional society changed in just a few years. Also, it is certainly more likely that such a government cares more about the many inequalities and disadvantages, Brazilian women still face in daily life.

Source: Courrier International

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