Bahrain – King Accepts Critical Human Rights Report

While the Arab spring is increasingly changing from peaceful protests to violent uprising in Egypt and even civil war in Syria, Bahrain’s king seems to be intending to follow another way of dealing with its protesting countrymen. For starters, he approved a remarkably critical report on his government’s crackdown against protesters on pearl square. The rather un-flattering report, documenting torture and over proportional use of force by the Sunni dominated police was even aired on national television. Also noteworthy, there was no indication of Iranian involvement in the protests.

Brightnews! Confirming brutal violence is certainly not positive news but accepting such a critical report and accepting its recommendations is! The king’s reaction contrasts very nicely with the usual accusation of foreign financed troublemakers and reports of violent police as western propaganda. Thanks to its ruler Bahrain gets a last chance of reconciliation between Sunnis and Shias and reducing growing tensions, clashes and mistrust.

Source: The Economist

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