Time-Management – Programs That Save Time Instead of Stealing it

Time-Management is a tricky thing. In many office environments it gets more and more difficult to keep focused on the task at hand – too many e-emails, reunions, Facebook-updates, news-feeds, tweets, text messages, etc. which reduce the time available for actually doing something to rare 10-minute blocks. Now, some programs are coming to our help, creating an undisturbed computer environment by blocking other programs, web sites or system functions. In other words, they protect the modern office warrior against the temptations of modern communication technology.

RescueTime, Concentrate,

Brightnews! Who has lately been able to focus on a task for a whole hour? I’m sure not many and the existence of such programs has therefore to be qualified as goodnews. To be sure, it is miserable that we – incapable to log off our mail and Facebook accounts – need such programs in order to tame others. But on the other hand, by trying to tackle the problem we demonstrate our weakened – otherwise we would just shut them down ourselves – resolve to control our environment instead of being controlled by it.

Source: Die Zeit

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