Water – Drinking Water for Everyone

Despite the fact that access to treated water is constantly improving – 2008 about 87% of world population had access to it – and the respective Millennium Goals will be achieved, the supply in rural areas of developing countries remains unsatisfying. Now, there’s technology available that could help. Instead of filtering water with much energy and frequent changing of filters, bacteria could simply be killed. A newly developed filter containing silver molecules and a weak electrical current does the trick. It is cheap, requires little power and virtually no maintenance or spare parts and could therefore significantly improve safe water supply in remote areas.

Noteworthy! Sure, the new filters have to be supplied to this remote areas first and some electricity is needed (a small solar panel is enough though). Nevertheless, it’s probably the sum of many such small improvements, which improve living conditions on this planet more than big technological breakthroughs.

Source: The Economist

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