Switzerland – More Jobs Than Candidates

While unemployment is still uncomfortably high in the US and most parts of Europe, youth unemployment is truly frightening. Not so in Switzerland where a majority of teenagers complete a paid 3-4 year long apprenticeship while attending classes in public professional schools for 1-2 days per week. This system not only produces very well formed and sought after young professionals but also effectively controls youth unemployment. In 2011 there are for the first time more open positions than demand, meaning that in theory every youth ready to compromise on his profession should find a job. In practice quiet a few fail to do so in their preferred field or have to do an extra year, improving their grades before getting what they want. Without any doubt a small inconvenience compared with the hassles of many in their age group in other countries, which struggle to finance long and sometimes horribly expensive schools only to find it incredibly hard to find jobs afterwards.

Brightnews! Considering the situation in many countries this is truly brightnews. Switzerland is one of the few countries where youths can realistically hope to find a job, gaining an excellent formation with good career prospects and making money at the age of 16. And while some bemoan the relatively low college / university rate I’m certain that millions of college graduates with virtually zero chances of finding a job all over the world would happily exchange their degree with a Swiss type professional diploma.

Source: Der Bund

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