Older – And More Productive

[geo_mashup_mapUnemployed that are older than 50 years, generally have a hard time finding new jobs. Reasons include higher wages and social security payments and reduced mental and physical performance. While the first point is a fact in many countries, the second is probably invalid. In a study, scientists have observed the productivity of employees of different age groups for a defined task. The result: The rate of severe mistakes is declining with the time somebody is in a company. Thanks to their superior experience, older workers were able to handle difficult and unforeseen situations significantly better and prevent greater disorder in the process than their younger colleagues. All things considered, age is not linked to overall productivity.

Brightnews! It is common knowledge that people get better by exercising, in sports or playing instruments. It is only natural to assume the same logic for manual or mental tasks. So the study basically only confirms what we all know. However, it is still really goodnews because companies don’t change their behavior because of common sense but because of rational arguments – HR-units need hard figures, backing them  up, when they prefer somebody that cost them more. The study delivers such arguments and will hopefully be included in many cover letters of older job seekers.

Source: Die Zeit

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