Nuclear Power – Must not be Labelled CO2-Free

Nuclear power is said to make a big comeback because it claims to be CO2-friendly and would allow producing CO2-free electricity. Now, the commission for fair publicity in Switzerland has decided that a nuclear power plant cannot claim its produced electricity to be free of CO2-emissions. According to the commission, such a claim cannot be proven because of the many unknown emissions before and after the production of electricity – just think of unsolved issue of reprocessing or long-term storage of nuclear waste.

Brightnews! If you take into account all costs (including research, subsidised loans, risks burdened by society and waste disposal), risks and emissions, nuclear power is neither cheap, nor particularly environmental friendly and certainly not secure. Deep pocket public campaigning of the nuclear industry may be able to confuse some people and to “persuade” quiet a number of politicians but cannot change the facts. Therefore it is good news that a public body now intervenes at least against one of their unsubstantial claims. The next step should definitely be similar action against tales of nuclear power being cheaper than other energy sources.

Source: NZZ

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