Gold – Mining and Buying Fair

With fair-trade food now heading mainstream, other fair-trade resources are following suit. One of the first certified gold mines belongs to the cooperative of Santa Filomena in southern Peru. In order to being awarded the certificate, which allows for 10% higher prices, the mine has to pay better wages and must not evade taxes. Also, women can participate in important decisions such as how to spend the additional benefit of almost 3 million US$ a year. Right now, there is talk of buying either an elevator for the miners or a water pipeline for their wives and families.

Brightnews! The fair-trade label has multiple benefits and no obvious drawbacks. First, miners get higher wages. Second, living conditions of the community improve. Third, gold consumers can promote both by a simple buying decision. Mind you, a 10% increase of base price is absolutely negligible by the time, dealers, producers and sellers have taken their share. Therefore, next time you buy jewelry or – why not – a new car, there are really only good reasons for asking for faire-trade materials.

Source: Die Zeit, EurasiaReview

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