What Economic Crisis – Fairtrade is Booming

Economic crisis seems to be the order of the day, double dip recession is looming. But wait, this page is dedicated to bright news and just so you know: Everything is not bad. For one, notwithstanding the conservative media campaign and some to be expected failures in a young and dynamic industry, green jobs are going strong and are already bigger than oil jobs.¬†And consider this: Sales of fair trade certified products at grocery stores in the US grew by 87% within a year. Consumer increasingly want to know the origin and the environmental impact of their purchases and many of them are ready to pay a premium for a growing range of particularly healthy, social and green products. That’s nice to know for us but truly great news for producers of those goods because they get a more sustainable, reliable and simply higher price for their products.

Brightnews! Sure enough the point of departure in fair trade products was low but it is nonetheless good news that they are rapidly gaining market share in spite of tight money. It is now a sure fact that more and more customers start to use their purchasing power in order to express their values and this is a good thing. Also, I definitely feel that the talk about economic crisis is exaggerated, a kind of a self-renforcing, self-fulfilling prophecy. Reality may be a bit more complex. First, there is serious doubt about the appropriateness of taking GDP as a measure of our collective well being. What if GDP is mainly dipping because consumption is shrinking, which is decreasing GDP but most certainly does not negatively affect our well being. What if in reality, people and small businesses are already recovering and can therefore afford to spend some more money on social and environmental sustainable products? Unrealistic, maybe so, but I think this version of reality is just as probable and legitimate as the other negative one and for sure much nicer. On the more factual side, the job market seems to have somewhat stabilised in September, which is not very helpful for the many people still out of work but still a small bright spot in its own right.

Source: Greenbiz

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