About this Page

The major part of the daily news is predominantly negative. At times, this flood of sad stories can be overwhelming and many people simply stop informing themselves about the state of the world. This, however, is not a bright solution because as citizens of this planet we ought to care about it. Rather we should stop reading exclusively bad news, which in my eyes are simply not noteworthy.

www.brightnews.info offers an alternative. The name has two meanings:

  1. Positive news from all over the world, which don’t fit into the usual 20 seconds breaking-news spots but which are at least as noteworthy.
  2. Intelligent news, because they are worth the time to read and because they favor a positive perception of the state of the world.

The aim is to be a bright spot on the Internet delivering positive information and smart comments on a slick and unobtrusive page, built for readers, not for advertisers. www.brightnews.info does not try to be complete, nor will it not completely replace other sources of information but it is certainly much more a much more pleasant place to check for some literally bright news.

Let brightnews be a positive part of your day and set it as your start page or get the RSS-Feed.

I hope you enjoy reading, keep coming back and spread the news of this noteworthy page.

Aurel Christian Schmid, 2010